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Are All Carbs Created Equal?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020


There is a little confusion when it comes to #carbs and their effect on the body.

If all carbs were the same, a pixie stick would be no different than an apple. And we know this just can’t be true.

This is where simple and complex carbs come in.

Simple carbs digest extremely fast. This means they can leave you pretty hungry not long after your meal.

On top of that, simple carbs are usually the very sweet and tasty options. This could leave you wanting more and more of them, which could lead to overeating and gaining some unwanted fat.

However, simple carbs are amazing for gaining muscle and athletic performance. So for athletes competing in sports, having a high carb meal 1-2 hours before game time can make a big difference in their energy levels. And for individuals wanting to gain some muscle, added carbs can help provide extra energy during workouts to help get a few more reps in. These extra reps will add up over time and increase total volume which can help with muscle growth.

Some examples of simple carbs include:


-Raw Sugar

-Maple Syrup



-Dextrose powder

#Complexcarbs are a little different than simple carbs. They contain fiber which makes them digest much slower. These options will have you feeling much more full throughout the day.

These are still great options to have before working out or before a game. Just be sure to have them 2-3 hours before… unless your goal is to crop dust your opponent or your trainer.

Some examples of complex carbs include:


-Potatoes (sweet & white)

-Oatmeal (no sugar added)




For a lot of people, a balanced diet with carbs is a great option to lose weight and stay healthy.

It just takes a little knowledge on which ones to eat so you won’t get too hungry and eat too much.

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