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Why Losing Weight Is Harder After 40

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Have you noticed that it is way harder to lose weight?

Do you miss the days of being 20 years old and just being lean without trying?

Well getting back to being in shape may be easier than you think.

“My metabolism is so much slower because Im old!” This holds a little truth. But not as much as you might think.

The amount of calories you burn throughout the day is referred to as your Total Energy Expenditure, also known as TEE. Your TEE actually only decreases by 150 calories A DECADE. (Roberts, S., & Dallal, G. 2005)

So compared to your 20 year old self, you at 40 is only at a 300 calorie disadvantage. To put it in perspective; this is equivalent to about 1 Blueberry Muffin at Starbucks.

So why is it still hard to lose weight?

The answer to that lies in your lifestyle.

As we age, it is easier to move less and less and to eat more and more. Rather than walking all over campus to get to class, now you take the family car everywhere. You now have money to go out to dinner more frequently.

This is a full 360 compared to your 20 year old self clearing the bank account for a couple drinks at happy hour.

The real problem here is how these lifestyle factors make losing weight so much harder.

This still doesn’t make it impossible though.

Small changes in your day can make a BIG difference.

Take a couple 10-20 minute walks throughout the day. Limit yourself to going out to dinner once a week or once every other week. If your kids didn’t finish their chicken nuggets THROW THEM OUT. Have your own stash of healthy alternative snacks ready to go.

It doesn’t take much. Just be honest with yourself and stop blaming your metabolism.

Find those problem areas in your day and address them and you will be unstoppable. If you can’t think of any steps like the ones listed above send email me. I will gladly take the time to help you figure out the small changes YOU NEED to succeed.

Roberts, S., & Dallal, G. (2005). Energy requirements and aging. Public Health Nutrition, 8(7a), 1028-1036. doi:10.1079/PHN2005794

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